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Business Area
  ┣ 塑料模具
  ┣ Stamping
  ┣ Die-casting
  ┣ Plastic
  ┣ Rubber
  ┣ Extrusion
  ┣ Machining
  ┣ Sintering
  ┣ Assembly
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Address:No.136 Xinguang Road, HaiCang District, Xia Men, China Zip Code 361028
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Our staff is handling all tasks witch are necessary for the item or the products.
CMM will work closely with the customer and every week sends a status report.
CMM put big efforts in training, education and motivation of our employees, in order to have a high skilled and steady organization, consisting of sales in Denmark, and in Xiamen a combination of Chinese and Danish employees.
Therefore we are able to match high requirement from customers
Our competences are.
Design, construction and material.
Certificates and approvals.
Project management.
Assembly and assembly tools.
Quality assurance and quality control.
Inhouse test and measuring.
Supplier contracts.

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