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Business Area
  ┣ 塑料模具
  ┣ Stamping
  ┣ Die-casting
  ┣ Plastic
  ┣ Rubber
  ┣ Extrusion
  ┣ Machining
  ┣ Sintering
  ┣ Assembly
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Address:No.136 Xinguang Road, HaiCang District, Xia Men, China Zip Code 361028
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CMM Business is divided into two areas, Production of products and production of mould.
 Production and assembling.
CMM have own metal production were we can produce all metal items, punching bending and machining. We can produce finished product and semi-manufactured products and items.
CMM have established areas for assembly, electronic and fine assembly and assembly areas for more heavy products.
We are servicing following industries/areas.
  • Furniture.
  • Healthcare.
  • Household.
  • Industrial.
  • Building.
  • Agriculture.
CMM is specialized in manufacturing of mould. We are producing Plastic moulds, punching moulds, aluminum moulds and rubber moulds.
We are producing moulds for all kind of industries.
  • Moulds up to 18 ton for furniture and technical industries.
  • Technical moulds with very precise tolerances.
  • Moulds with 60 cavities or more.
  • Hot runner moulds.
We are producing 3 standards of moulds. The standard of the mould will be decided together with the customer.
  • Moulds were we are using original parts from Hasco or similar brands, and European steel..
  • Moulds were we are using Chinese wearing parts with measurement, so the parts can be replaced in Europe. The metal is decided based on the material and lifespan.
  • Moulds according to Chinese standards
Our competences are,
Design, construction and material.
Certificates and approvals.
Project management.
Assembly and assembly tools.
Quality assurance and quality control.
Inhouse test and measuring.
Supplier contracts.