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(a) responsibilities:

1, assist the project manager to collect and analyze the market information, can keen awareness customer/market demand;

2, assisting with project manager promotion planning, marketing, customer information, maintenance work

3, assisting with project manager to customer demand analysis

4, assisting with project manager to consulting project development and expand the company's business

5, under the lead of project manager, assist team had finished on time and qualified assigned by binding tasks, and the project team members as association to help other tasks completed the corresponding.

(2) office requirements:

1, university degree or above;

2, 1 years working experience (excellent graduates may consider);

3, strong academic background and analysis, problem solving skills;

4, strong text writing and language ability, skilled in the operation of office software;

5, team-work consciousness, have to bear hardships and stand hard work and dedication, can adapt long-term business;

6, a consultant service experience is preferred.

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