Job title: Quality Manager
Reference: General manager

Job Description

  • Responsible for managing internal and external QA and QC performance, leading and driving the overall quality control in CMM.
  • Responsible for maintaining and developing ISO 9001.

Job Responsibilities

  • Manage all QA and QC team members in the company’s production
  • ISO 9001, to maintain and develop the system and to train all existing team members as well as new team members.
  • Conduct internal audits
  • Ensure efficient and good quality in the company’s production
  • Conduct monthly meetings with supplier about delivery performance and provide relevant feedback and instructions
  • Provide quality assurance for new project, be an active member of the project team, analyzes samples and drawings in order to make recommendations on how to improve the quality of items to be produced
  • To monitor and guide the timely completion of comments/approvals on quality developments in partnership with customers, suppliers and production team members and implement necessary changes
  • Manage a team of quality controllers and quality analysts for each customer
  • Control the quality cost and report monthly to the relevant organization members
  • Monitor the final inspection conducted by the production department
  • Quality reporting, weekly, monthly, quarterly as defined
  • Train the QC team skills and all team members quality awareness to meet the process, development and customer requirements
  • Deliver general total quality control awareness training to all of the manufacturing team members
  • Planning and driving periodical process re-qualification and team members re-qualification
  • Driving and monitoring the performance of process-FMEA, monitoring the implementation of process control plan according to the process-FMEA
  • Planning and driving calibrations

Qualifications and educational background

  • Excellent knowledge of statistic quality control methods and able to apply them suitably to achieve continuous improvement
  • Certified ISO9001 quality auditor
  • Good skill set related to QC tools
  • Diligent and willing to work under high pressure
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Customer-orientated, strong understanding of quality procedures and a competent decision-maker
  • Takes initiative and is self-driven to achieve results
  • Good communication and inter-personal skills with good teamwork and collaboration skills

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