CMM’s Commitment To A Better World

Training And Team Members Education

CMM uses a lot of time and resources to ensure our team members are given the latest training and courses to operate our processes and for the use of any new technology being used by the company and its partners.

CMM Team Health

CMM provides annual physical examinations and organizes regular physical activities for the well being of all team members.

CMM Team Members Safety

All CMM premises are operated with strict safety measures in place and occupational health and safety training programs are being conducted on a regular basis.

CMM And Partners

CMM is working with customers to create and produce solutions that help reduce the environmental footprint and develop sustainable products and designs.

CMM Team Gender Equality

CMM team consist of members of different nationalities, races and with varying religious beliefs and we believe in our achieved diversity.  CMM is also proud to have equal amounts of female and male team members.

CMM Anti Corruption Practices

CMM team members and especially team members with sensitive positions and functions attend frequent training to avoid improper business practices and CMM has  drafted company rules “WI-HR_012 Procurement code of conduct” for this important purpose.

CMM Volunteer Work

CMM team members work in the community for a better world in many volunteer positions and do work such a as the collection of trash and tree plant initiatives.

CMM Team Charity Work 

CMM leadership contributes and work with numerous communities, charities, and orphanages.




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