Mold Services

Export specific high-quality mold manufacturing services for varied use across multiple industries

Service Offerings

CMM mold division specializes in manufacturing molds for plastic, metal, aluminum, and rubber. We yearly produce around 250+ molds for export and 100 molds for items that we use in our own production. 

We manufacture for several industries such as Medico, Technical, household appliances, and others.

  • Molds up to 24 tons for furniture and other large-size products.
  • Technical and Double injection molds with exact tolerances.
  • Molds with 60 cavities or more.
  • Hot runner molds.

Mold Standards

  • CN Production Standards
  • EU Production Standards
  • Hasco Standards with local parts
  • Hasco Standard with original parts

CMM manufactures four different standards of molds that the customer can choose from for their products.

  • Molds where we use original parts from Hasco or similar brands and European steel.
  • Molds where we use Chinese wearing parts but with exact measurements to replace parts in Europe.

We use the mold material based on the customers’ demand and based on the required function, material, and the mold’s life span.

To accomplish all the processes to make a mold, we have a skilled team of:

  • Managers who take care of communications with customers and the implementation of all agreed schedules.
  • Secretaries who are responsible for shipping and other logistics and internal communication.
  • Highly skilled engineers.
  • Team use of PROE or UG for design and mold flow.

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